Become a Virtual Canine with Dog Park Animal Simulator

Become a Virtual Canine with Dog Park Animal Simulator

Become a Virtual Canine with Dog Park Animal Simulator

Virtual reality technology can make the world a bizarre place. Have you ever imagined pretending to be a dog and playing fetch? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, now virtual reality will make this weird thing a reality. Dog Park is an animal simulator game in which you can become a virtual canine and play fetch as well as chew a bone. The game was developed by Kevin Cancienne, a designer based in New York. After the success of the Goat Simulator earlier this year, this game has been specially created for dog lovers.

Dog Park- The Animal Simulator Game

The goal of this animal simulator game is to chase other dogs and dig holes with them. The game is still in an early stage of development and is expected to be released at the No Quarter event which will be held in September in New York. The game is not being developed from a competitive point of view. The sole aim of the game is to ‘keep on having more fun.’

There are regular teaser screenshots that are tweeted by Cancienne which reveals test versions of the game. More tweets are expected to come from the designer as the No Quarter event approaches. No Quarter is an event that takes places annually at New York University’s Game Center.

Animal Simulator

There are many animal simulators which have become successful and have created a furor in the web world. Goat Simulator was one of them which had launched in April on Steam. This game lets players see a virtual world through the goat’s eyes. The simulator was so popular that it was followed by another animal simulator, the Bear Simulator. The Kickstarter campaign for this game achieved its full funding goal in just less than a week.

In Goal Simulator, the players take control of a goat and they run, head butt people and objects, jump through fields and lick items. The game was developed by Coffee Stain Studios, a company based in Sweden.

Now Dog Park is the animal simulator game which is expected to take up the web by storm. According to William Hawkes-Robinson, a recreation therapist, there are many advantages of playing simulators like creative thinking, stronger mathematics and reading skills, co-operative play and more.

Once the game is fully unveiled at the No Quarter, then only its success can be understood.



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