Barbie Turns Dragon Slayer with 3D Printed Armor

Barbie Turns Dragon Slayer with 3D Printed Armor

Barbie Turns Dragon Slayer with 3D Printed Armor

Barbie has been a favorite for young girls since a long time. We can never imagine Barbie to be dressed in anything which is not stylish. But now you will be able to see your favorite Barbie in a completely new image. You can see her in battle armor, ready to take on the world. The prim and proper doll will be transformed into a dragon slayer with the 3D printed armor that has been designed by Jim Rodda, who is the creative director of a small video game studio that is run independently.

The Rodda designed three set of medieval outfits for Barbie which are collectively called the Faire Play. They include Parade Armor, Athena Armor and the Field Plate Armor.

The Parade Armor is a fancy uniform compared to the other two outfits. The outfit is similar to the ones kings would have worn for a show rather than for a battle. The Athena Armor has a makeover kit which comes with a spear, aegis and winged boots. The Field Plate Armor is a more practical option when compared to the Parade Armor as it is completely fit for battle.

According to Rodda, he researched a lot to find inspirational designs from history which consisted of elaborate enameled armor pieces. He added that the armor was created after his failed attempt to make “My Little Pony-compatible glitter cannons”.

A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Rodda had created a Kickstarter campaign for raising funds so that he could make his attempts a reality. In March, the Kickstarter page went live and by 11th April, the funding was complete with $5000. He even raised $1000 extra from the funding with which he created an extra recurve bow and quiver which was compatible with Barbie.

Those who had backed this project are now receiving the finished products over the last two weeks.


For those who didn’t get the opportunity to back the project, they can download the models from Rodda’s website at a cost of $30 (£17). However, to make the 3D printed armor, they will require a 3D printer. They can then 3D print the armor and turn their Barbie into a dragon slayer.


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