Yandex Zen: the first browser with personalized content feed

Yandex Zen: the first browser with personalized content feed

Yandex has offered the world’s first browser with personalized content feed. The new service was called Yandex Zen. It will add articles, videos and images to the feed – various types of content, which can interest a definite person.

In order to give recommendations, browser will collect information about the user: what websites he visits, how he responds to the offered content, and basing on this information it will search for more data on the relevant subjects. The more often you will look through the feed, the more accurate recommendations you will get. Zen will also analyze new subjects that could interest you. Were you looking for Mark Zuckerberg biography? Yandex Zen will think that possibly you would also like to read about Elon Musk.

Browser operation is based on artificial intelligence technologies, namely computer vision and natural language processing methods. In such a way it defines the topic of a definite text or picture, and sorts them. Further, the obtained data is processed with the help of recommendation technology Disco.

Viktor Lambert, head of Yandex Zen, says that although there is tons of information on the web, it is very difficult to find something decent. The new service will solve this problem using technologies. It somewhat resembles traditional search, with the only difference that it will search for information, that will meet interests of a specific user. 




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