Discover new opportunities for your business at the conference in the framework of MATE 2015

Discover new opportunities for your business at the conference in the framework of MATE 2015

Discover new opportunities for your business at the conference in the framework of MATE 2015

On March 12-14, 2015 Moscow will host large-scale industry event in the field of development and promotion of mobile applications: MATE 2015 will bring together the best experts of this sphere to exchange invaluable experience and ideas. Professional conference, to be held within exhibition on 12-13 March, will bring together prominent speakers, experienced professionals and market leaders. They will speak on trends and key aspects of development, promotion and use of mobile apps in various fields of business and science. In addition, MATE 2015 will present a variety of mobile applications, start-ups and much more.

The conference will present the following sections:

1. MOBILE`15: developments and trends;

2. M`commerce;

3. Promotion, or how to get into top 10 of App Store;

4. Cloud technologies and services;

5. M`health-applications for sports, health and beauty, Mobile wellness lifestyle;

6. Development of mobile applications;

7. Mobile advertising and marketing;

8. LBS geoservices;

9. M`Education: applications for education.

Speakers of the event will present their unique reports

Polina Desheulina, lead account manager of Mail.Ru, will make a presentation on “Monetizing apps in Mail.Ru mobile network”. In her report Polina will speak of the following:

• What should developers be aware of when embedding banner into the application (reasons, failed and successful examples)?

• What should be done to make users loyal to advertising?

• Formats available in advertising network, income and SDK.

• How to increase advertising revenue using user data (cases)?

Tatiana Smetanina - expert in strategic technologies of Microsoft, will report on “Development of universal applications running on Microsoft technologies”. From her report event visitors will learn how to develop apps for Windows, iOS, Android, using common technology, languages and development tools, as well as what scenarios it is applicable for and what advantages and disadvantages of this approach are.

And Leonid Bugaev - founder of Academy of Experts, owner and creative director of digital-agency Nordic AB, will report on "2015-2020: five years for globalization. Global mobile trends that can generate millions".


• key processes that can bring down traditional markets and create "oceans of opportunities";

• digitization: process that manifold reduces cost of distribution;

• democratization of services as a way to reach millions of users;

• demonetization.

MATE 2015 is opportunity to move to the next level of knowledge and opportunities with interaction of  digital world and modern technology. You will see innovative inventions and developments that are already widely used in business and even at home.

Do not miss such an important high-tech event of this spring - MATE 2015 to be held on 12-14 March 2015 in ECC "Sokolniki". 

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