Opera: web surfing without ads on all mobile devices

Opera: web surfing without ads on all mobile devices

Opera Software has developed new ads blocking browsers for all mobile platforms. Following Opera Mini for Android and desktop browser, the company presented versions for iOS, Windows Phone and full-size browser for Android.          

Nuno Sitima, responsible for developing Opera mobile browsers, said that novelties allow speeding up the process of mobile web surfing and reducing traffic costs for annoying and unwanted advertisements.      

Developed browsers show impressive results. Well, Opera for Android with blocking and data contraction function loads pages 14% faster than Google Chrome and 79% faster than Adblock Browser. The average data capacity after ads blocking was 229KB per page, which is 84% less than in Chrome and 3.5 times less than in Adblock Browser.              

Ads blocking trend has already become quite popular. According to PageFair, exploring trends of this area, currently 419 million people block ads – 90% more than in previous year. It is also twice more as compared with those who block advertisements on PCs and laptops.





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