Mobile technologies brought Facebook record revenues

Mobile technologies brought Facebook record revenues

Revenues from Facebook mobile advertising are 80% from the total advertising income and are equal to 5.84 billion dollars. These figures were provided by the report for the last quarter of 2015. Advertising sales volume increased by 52% in comparison with the same period of the previous year.

Nevertheless, a few years ago social network representatives have said that the mobile technology monetization strategy was one of the most difficult tasks. The report has shown that the company managed this task. Previously, Facebook mobile advertising revenue was only 69%, but currently it increased to 80%.

Net income has also grown. In 2014 it was 701 million dollars and the fourth quarter of 2015 brought 1.56 billion dollars. Facebook managed to exceed analytics’ expectations. When the report was published, the stock price increased by 15.5%.

Analytics repeatedly mentioned the quality of mobile app companies. Constantly cooperating with users, apps are always improved. A convenient transfer from Desktop to mobile version along with user-friendly advertising demonstration makes the application more attractive for customers.


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