How Augmented Reality can Stop the Spread of Ebola

How Augmented Reality can Stop the Spread of Ebola

Ebola has become a threat to human society with the way it is spreading rapidly across different countries. With air travel, it is believed that the virus will spread even more. According to a latest poll, most of the residents of the US think that with air travel restrictions, the spread of Ebola in the US can be stopped. According to 56 percent of the people surveyed, federal government should restrict people who were recently in the Ebola nations, to enter the United States. While this is not feasible, it might be possible to use technology to identify people who might be showing symptoms of the virus. Wearable technology and augmented reality can make it possible to stop the spread of Ebola by improving its detection rate.

How can this Technology be used?

Ebola screening is taking place at 5 airports in the US. They include Atlanta, New York, Newark, Washington and Chicago. A traveler who can pass the screener check-point will be able to enter the country.

Since thermal imaging devices can be used with smartphones, it can be expected that augmented reality glasses can be used for the same. Google Glass, Vuzix, Meta Space Glasses, Epson and other new wearables might provide a way to identify people suffering from fevers and bearing the Ebola virus, just by using augmented reality.

Probable Applications

Thermal imaging devices coupled with augmented reality can thus help in stopping the virus to multiply. A few of the probable options that might be helpful in detecting the Ebola virus are mentioned below:


FLIR One can turn into a thermal imaging device by attaching it to the iPhone 5S. This device will be able to find out the temperature of a person or even an object which is in view. With this feature, it can easily be used with augmented reality to provide a way of detecting the virus. An alert could be developed for temperature exceeding 99 degrees Fahrenheit for any person. This alert could be in the form of a digital overlay which could pop up once the said temperature is exceeded. The device costs $350.

Seek Thermal Infrared

This camera for smartphones which is available at $199, can also be used as a thermal imaging device. It can be set to scan the temperature of human skins.

IR-Blue DM

With this device, you will be able to connect your Android phone or your iPhone with Bluetooth and the temperature readings will appear as colors on the screen. It is available for $195.

Thus, there are a host of devices compatible with Android as well as iOS, which can be used with augmented reality to stop the Ebola virus to cause even more damage.




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