Changes in AdWords for mobile advertising

Changes in AdWords for mobile advertising

Google is annually processing trillions of queries, the majority of which belong to mobile traffic. To help marketing specialists gain success in the world of Mobile First, the company has revamped AdWords technologies. 


New format of text ads

AdWords has increased the amount of characters it shows. It will help users to get a more comprehensive picture of offered products and services before they go to the website.  For instance, the amount of characters in headlines will be increased from 25 to 30, in description lines – from 70 to 80. New text ads will be optimized to fit screens of the most popular smartphones.

Responsive display ads

They follow the general trend of native advertising and will embrace more than 2 million of websites and applications.

They can be generated automatically: just enter headlines, a description, a URL and an image. Responsive ads will ensure higher levels of engagement as compared to ordinary banners.

Individual bids for different types of devices

This feature will become available over the next couple of months. Marketing specialists will be able to adjust individual bids for different types of devices: smartphones, tablets and desktops. It will help to set up the highest bid for opening a website from those devices that are the most important for your business. Adjustment range of bids will be increased to 900%.

Local ads for and Google Maps

Around one third of mobile search queries are location-related. New local ads will help marketing specialists to reach users, who are looking for offline stores and business locations. Using geo targeting, advertisers will be able to demonstrate their ads, when users search for nearby shoe shop or car service.






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