HealthTap SOS: mobile service in the case of disasters

HealthTap SOS: mobile service in the case of disasters

If it is impossible to get medical assistance from a professional, the HealthTap SOS will come to the rescue. The HealthTap company has launched the application for the case of natural disasters (earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes), chemical and nuclear incidents, terrorist attacks.

Developers presented this service after the devastating flooding of the Indian city of Chennai on December 2015. More than 400 people were killed and 1.8 million people were displaced by the flooding. HealthTap SOS allows to seek the assistance of doctors using smartphones and some other phones. In case of disaster with limited physical conditions, people are provided by tips and information in an easy and understandable form.

Doctors experienced in emergency provide urgent aid for victims of disaster. Connecting to the service, they help in conditions when injured person has nothing but smartphone and HealthTap SOS app. This service is now available only for medical establishments and corporations, having an agreement with HealthTap. Developers are finding ways of implementing the application into the state rescue services.

The application contains the library created by doctors and provides a possibility to contact with medical staff for advisory. The service includes 85,000 doctors. It is funded centrally, according to the corporate medical plan estimated at 25 cents for a person per month.


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