Prisma photo application will process video soon

Prisma photo application will process video soon

Do you have Instagram? So, you’ve probably heard about Prisma. Developed in Russia, this graphic editor has become popular as quick as lightning after launching in the AppStore a few weeks ago.      

For all Prisma fans, its developers have prepared great news: application services will include videos soon. Thus, not only static images but also clips will be processed in famous artists’ styles. This information came from the trustworthy source: Alexey Moiseenkov, one of startup founders, posted it on his Twitter.       

The publication has been probably caused by Konstantin Konovalov’s post. He posted a processed Vine video on his Twitter page: several seconds of walking across the Red Square. To make it, he had to divide the video into 180 shots and process each of them.     

Prisma beta version involved video processing feature but it was not included to the official release for whatever reason. Perhaps, due to the load that video clips would create on the server. But Pavel Kushelev, one of application testers, had a chance to use it and published that video on his Twitter.         

Currently, Prisma is a downloading leader across 10 countries. More than million people in Russia installed it in less than a month.

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