Aurasma webinar on augmented reality!

Aurasma webinar on augmented reality!

Watch a replay of the July 31 webinar “Reaching the Next Generation Through Augmented Reality,” which was presented by augmented reality leaders Aurasma and Walsworth Yearbooks.

The webinar was hosted by Laura Kopf, marketing manager at HP Aurasma, and Steve Blair, executive vice president of yearbook sales for Walsworth.

The call presented how marketers can use augmented reality to target younger audiences and generate excitement. Specifically, Walsworth Yearbooks outlined how it has used Aurasma augmented reality to bring yearbook pages to life with interactive digital content.

Using augmented reality and its Yearbook 3D platform, Walsworth Yearbooks has acquired new customers, earned more positive brand recognition, helped schools get positive local media and attracted the next generation of market influencers.

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