Augmented Reality Glasses can Improve Warehouse Productivity

Augmented Reality Glasses can Improve Warehouse Productivity

Warehouses might soon be able to use smart glasses to increase their productivity. Augmented reality glasses will make hands-free working possible in warehouses. Smart glasses manufacturer Vuzix and SAP, the enterprise software firm are planning to provide users with AR glasses which are designed for distribution centers. If this actually happens in the near future, then the productivity will definitely increase. To know more about how this AR offering can be beneficial, you can have a look at this post.

How can AR Glasses help?

There are many things that are required to be done in a warehouse, right from picking up products to loading them. With so many products, it often becomes a tough job to handle everything efficiently. But with the smart glasses of Vuzix, this problem can be solved. Here are some benefits that can be availed with AR glasses.

  • Increased Efficiency

As the workers wear the glass, they are notified of the items they are required to pick. The name and number of items are displayed at the right hand corner of the glasses. As the workers come close to the place where the items are placed, they are guided with a green rectangle to the right aisle. They can then easily pick up the items and verify them with the in-built scanner and move on to the next products. This decreases the overall time and ensures that the right package has been picked, thereby increasing efficiency.

  • Increased Handling Safety

The packaged items can be placed in the racks safely. This will reduce the chances of the products getting damaged while handling. The safety of the operating vehicle can also be ensured with the glasses. In case of any malfunction, it can be easily detected with the glasses.

  • Increased Asset Uptime

In case of any defects in the asset in the warehouse, it can be easily repaired.  The operators can repair it easily by connecting with the technician using their smart glasses. The technician then gives necessary directions which the operator can follow and get the asset running in no time.

  • Increased Worker Safety

Not only the products will be handled safely, the workers will also be safe when they use the Vuzix smart glasses in the warehouses. In case of two operator vehicles going through the same aisle, the glasses will give a notification about the other vehicle that is nearby.

The increase in warehouse productivity will be clearly visible once theses augmented reality glasses of Vuzix are actually put into use.


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