Adobe Includes New 3D Printing Features in Photoshop

Adobe Includes New 3D Printing Features in Photoshop

Adobe is always trying to keep its different range of software updated and in sync with the latest trends in technology. Adobe had announced in January that 3D printing, the latest technological trend, will be supported by Photoshop CC. Adobe has continued adding more 3D printing features to the software package, ever since its launch. Now, some significant features have been added in the latest version of Photoshop CC, update 2014.1. The changes are definitely going to make Photoshop a preferable tool for those who are into 3D printing. The update does not only provide support for 3D printers but also for different 3D printing services.

New Features of Photoshop CC

The new 3D printing features include:

  • Support for Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation desktop 3D printers.
  • Support for Japanese 3D printing service-
  • Improved integration with CAD workflows.
  • IGES, U3D, PLY and VRML- support for these 3D file formats.
  • Provision of a streamlined 3D painting experience.
  • Improved support for 3D scanners.
  • Different 3D printing workflow enhancements added.
  • Multiple print jobs can be combined easily now onto a single print bed.

According to Bradley Rothenberg, the co-founder of Bradley Rothenberg Studio, with the new 3D printing features that have been added in Photoshop CC, the entire workflow has been condensed significantly. Earlier what used to take around 15 steps in different programs has now combined into one single program. He also added that now they can leverage their experience of using Photoshop in 2D and create 3D models easily using these new features.

How to get the update?

To get the updated features, in the Creative Cloud application, you need to click on “Update”. If the option doesn’t appear, you need to close the application and re-launch it.

If the Creative Cloud application is not running, you need to start Photoshop and select Help. From there choose Updates.

Now the Adobe Application Manager will open. You need to choose Adobe Photoshop CC (2014) and select Update.

In a blog post of the company, Adobe has said that their goal is to help people take their ideas of 3D design to the next level and assist them in bringing the ideas to the real world.


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